GTWLR-Ep38-Vote Harder America | Interview

GTWLR-Ep38-Vote Harder America | Interview

Originally published October 24th, 2022 to:

This program contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised. A sense of humor is recommended.
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Show Notes:

Track List:
Vanlife - Willi Carlisle

Gunship Politico - State Radio

Ours for the Taking - Prezence

Grove Step - Subdialect

STFU! - Subdialect

All My Friends Are Shadowbanned - An0maly & Bryson Gray

Master Beto(Jackson Me Off) - High Yona

What's Really Going On? - Anna Diorio

Featured Artist:
Laurence Driggs - musician and Producer - Grand Theft World podcast
and sometimes t-shirt salesman for Freedom United Revolt.

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Other Notes & Stuff You Should Know:
"The idea is to create demand destruction." - Adam Curry


The New World: Biden Transhuman EO, Clinton Global Initiative Is Back, WEF Event, War Updates & More

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...I think that's everything.

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